Erection and Prostate: there is a link !!

erectile dysfunction is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection good enough to allow satisfactory sexual intercourse.

It is a disorder that affects millions of men around the world by altering their quality of life. In Italy it is estimated that about 3 million men are affected, with a global prevalence of 13% (equal to 2% between 18 and 34 years and 48% over 70).

The causes can concern numerous physical and psychological factors, often concomitant and in mutual interaction, among the most common psychological causes are anxiety, depression, deep intrapsychic conflicts but also stress and environmental conditions.

In some cases, erection problems are linked to inflammation of the prostate gland, commonly referred to by the term "prostatitis". Since the prostate is part of the whole organic-genital system, its inflammation can cause difficulties in the correct release of the smooth muscle of the genital system, and of the bioelectric and neural stimuli that should stimulate the influx of mentally excited brain blood to the corpora cavernosa of the penis, to make it sprayed with blood and to finally bring it into an erection.


Already in 1995 Burnett AL., in an article published in the journal Biology of Reproduction , described the important role played by Nitric Oxide (NO) in the physiology of erection, but still not he knew that this powerful vasodilator also affects the duration of an erection. More than 10,000 articles on the broad spectrum benefits of Nitric Oxide have been published in scientific journals over the past 10 years.

Nitric Oxide is released in the form of a neurotransmitter from the cells that cover the internal surface of all endocavernal vascular structures and from the terminations of the nerve fibers present in the corpora cavernosa, including those of the penis.

It works by reducing blood pressure and improving erection capacity. Furthermore, oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood reach the organs faster and this has an overall positive effect on male potency, on duration and sexual performance.

Erectile problems can over time lead to important psychological problems such as lack of sexual self-esteem or performance anxiety. Fortunately, there are many herbal supplements and supplements that can help the dilation and erection of the penis and the pleasure of the woman, by stimulating the production of Nitric Oxide.